BossBib™ is a new protective clothing accessory created to solve a messy problem: damaging clothes from spills. BossBib comes in three varieties; The DiningBib for meal time, The Glam Bib for makeup and the DrivingBib for protecting your clothes from spills while in the privacy of your car. Imagine putting an end to damaging your clothes!

BossBib is perfect for men & women on the go because everyone wants to protect their clothing & avoid expensive cleaning bills while looking fresh & clean at all times.

DinningBib And DrivingBib deliver the ultimate clothing protection that will have you always feeling confident and secure. With its proprietary design, BossBib protects you from pasta sauce, olive oil, red wine, ketchup, coffee etc.

And the GlamBib for the ladies will protect clothes while applying makeup.

BossBib is highly portable weighing about an ounce. It can be easily stored in your pocket in its own pouch, ready at all times to protect you. Once dirty, simply place BossBib in the washer/dryer & you’re ready again.

Try BossBib and see what it’s like to be confident & secure at all times.

BossBib makes a great gift for the holidays or that special occasion.

Don’t ruin your clothes or your day! Protect your clothes and
Take charge of your appearance with BossBib!

BossBib™ is Designed in the USA

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